Cytoscape Retreatに参加してみませんか?

毎年恒例となっているCytoscape Retreatが来月サンフランシスコ(UCSF)で開催されます。全ての開発者と、各研究機関のユーザーが集まるイベントですので、よろしければ参加してみて下さい。(もちろん私も参加します。)
You are cordially invited to the 4th Annual Cytoscape Retreat in San

On October 11-13 2006 we will be hosting the 4th Annual Cytoscape Developers
Retreat, at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus in San Francisco, California.  The
retreat will be preceded by a 2-day Hackathon on the 9th and 10th (Mon-Tue).
And, if you can stay another day, there will be recreational activities
organized for Saturday the 14th.

The meeting will mainly be informal and technically focused with all major
Cytoscape team members gathered together to set new directions for
Cytoscape, plan new features and collaboratively work on code.
Cytoscape-related presentations by invitees are welcome. Social activities
around the meeting are also scheduled. This is a great chance to influence
the development direction of Cytoscape.

Online registration is now open!…

We hope that you can join us!


Cytoscape is jointly developed by the groups of Benno Schwikowski (Pasteur
Institute, Paris), Trey Ideker (University of California San Diego), Chris
Sander (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center) ,  Lee Hood (Institute of
Systems Biology, Seattle), and Annette Adler (Agilent Technologies, Santa
Clara, CA).  This year the retreat will be co-hosted by two new contributor
groups of Tom Ferrin (UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory), and Bruce Conklin
(Gladstone/UCSF, GenMAPP).



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