Cytoscape 2.7がリリースされました



The Cytoscape team is proud to announce the release of Cytoscape 2.7!  This
release includes some exciting new features:

 * Nested Networks: A node may now have a reference to another Network,
which allows us to capture the relationships between networks in networks
 * CyCommandHandlers: Addition of a mechanism to the core to provide
inter-plugin communication.
 * New Edge Types: Several new edge types between solid and dashed have been
 * Newlines and list editing in attribute browser: The attribute browser has
been updated to allow newline characters to be added by pressing the "Enter"
key. List editing is now also enabled.
 * Automatic label wrap: A new visual property has been added that sets the
width of a label. Any label extending beyond this width will be
automatically wrapped.
 * Arrow color optionally locked to edge color: Arrow color may now be bound
to the edge color by checking a box in the Dependencies pane of the Default
Appearance Browser in the VizMapper, which avoids the necessity of creating
separate-yet-identical mappings for edge, source, and target arrows.
 * BioPAX Level 3 support.

You can get the release here:


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